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Motocycle Vests

BMW Cool Down Vest

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The BMW Cool Down Vest is an evaporative cooler for your torso. Just like the swamp cooler used throughout the American Southwest, the Cool Down uses the principle of evaporation. When the vest is wet down with water, its Hyperkewl system absorbs the moisture and stores it for up to eight hours for a cooling effect over the outside temperature. Re-wet the vest to reactivate the cooling effect. Cool core=happy riding.


  • Cooling vest with HyperKewl functional textile at back and front
  • Continuous cooling effect through evaporation cooling
  • Outer material: nylon and polyester functional fibers
  • Light mesh material with high stretch content on side sections
  • Front zipper
  • Best effect in jackets with lots of mesh
  • Wear over a base layer for best results